Fork-Mounted Rug Poles

The alternative to the Carriage Mounted Rug Pole is the Fork Mounted Rug Pole.

The Fork Mounted unit offers the ultimate in convenience as mounting is as simple as driving the forks into the unit. R & R offers two types of Fork Mounted Rug Poles. Both types have advantages and disadvantages. On one unit, the carpet is moved while under the forks. On the other unit, the carpet is moved while at the end of the forks. The Fork Mounted models offer the same pole as is used in our Carriage models.

Under Forks Model

Ratings and Data

The unit itself is made from 8"X 4" X .375" or 6"X3"X.250" tubing. It stands 42" tall and has 28" of clearance under the bracing, allowing you to move rolls up to 56" in diameter.

End of Forks Model

Ratings and Data

Our most popular Fork Mounted Unit is the End of Forks model. This unit comes with 5.5 ID or 7.5" ID Fork Pockets. The Fork Pockets have .25" wall thickness and are 42" long. They are spaced 24" outside to outside of each pocket. The Back Plate is 1.25" thick x 12" tall x 24" wide and is double braced for safety and durability. This unit comes equipped with a safety chain to secure the unit to the carriage.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Each Unit

Under Fork Model

  • Roll is closer to lift trick for better capacity and stability
  • With roll under forks, you are offered greater maneuverability
  • This unit is extremly durable
  • With roll under forks, you are limited to roll diameter you can carry
  • Under Fork Design limits your height capacity
  • Unit can be turned over when not in use

    End of Fork Model

  • Unit design does not interfere with size of roll you can carry
  • Unit design does not limit height capacity
  • When not in use, unit is stored safely on floor
  • Design at end of forks makes it very easy to use
  • Load capacity of truck is reduced beacuse of large lost load area between carriage and end of roll
  • Maneuverability is limited because of over-all length

    Both units have the advantage of being universally adaptable for any lift trick. Both units are very heavy duty and will give you years of service.

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