R&R Rug Pole Stand

The Rug Pole Stand offers a safe way to store your pole when not in use. The stand is designed to securely hold the Rug Pole in place. When properly stored, the pole can not be moved or tipped over. With use of the "Quick Disconnect Bottom Bracket", the pole can be lowered directly on to the stand and safely removed from the carriage. The Rug Pole Stand also has holes which allow it to be anchored to the floor.

Quick Disconnect Bottom Bracket

The applications which require frequent removal of your Rug Pole, we offer our Quick Release Bottom Bracket. On a typical rug Pole, the Bottom Bracket is welded in place. Some sliding and lifting is required for mounting and removing. The Quick Release Bottom Bracket eliminates this obstacle.

The Bottom Bracket is held on with a rod. Once in place, it securely holds the Bracket to the Backer Plate. The Bracket can be removed by simply pulling the rod out through the welded hangers. With the Bracket off, the Carriage can be lowered down and away from the Rug Pole Unit. The Bracket can then be put back on the Rug Pole Unit for storage.

Step One
Remove the cotter pin from end of shaft

Step Two
Pull Rod out from Brackets. Note: Once the rod is removed, the bracket will be free to fall.

At this point, with the pole stored in a roll of carpet or on our rug Pole Stand, the Carriage can be lowered and the Rug Pole is safely off the lift truck. The Bracket can them be replaced on the Backer Plate.

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