Carriage Mounted Backer Plates

Our Backer Plates, both "Carriage Mount" and "Fork Mounted," all offer the same unique "squeeze block design." The pole is not welded in place, but rather held in a squeeze block with three Grade 8 Bolts. This allows the pole to be turned or removed by lossening the three bolts.

Each Backer Plate has both a heavy duty top and bottom brackets.

The "Pole Block" is reinforeced with three Support Gussetts. The unit comes standard with a flat plate for core protection, and a safety locking pin to secure the unit on the carriage.

A built-in tilt may also be added to your pole, if you so desire.

When ordering for a carriage with a Center Notch, you will need to order an "Off-Set Bottom Bracket." When ordering for an off-Set Notch, order a "Center Bottom Bracket." This allows the Bottom Bracket to clear the notch so the Rug Pole can be places in the center of the carriage.

Backer Plates can be ordered with one (single),
two (double), or one solid 12" Bottom Bracket.

Ratings and Data

Ordering Information

Backer Plates
ITA Type Carriages
We manufacture Backer Plates to fit every type of carriage. Of course, the most common type of carriage is the ITA type. When ordering an attachment for the ITA type carriage, a measurement is required from the top of the Top Carriage Bar to the bottom of the Bottom Carriage Bar.

An exact measurement is crucial being that the Backer Plate must fit over the top and bottom bars.

The Disconnect Notch
The Disconnect Notch is located in the Bottom Carriage Bar. This notch is usually 5-6" wide. Depending on the type of carriage, this notch will either be found in the center, or it will be offset to one side. This notch enables you to remove attachments from the carriage without having to slide them all the way to the side.

Safety vs Convenience
The use of Double Bottom Brackets or One Solid Bottom Bracket on your rug pole, undoubtedly makes a safer and more durable unit. This choice however, requires that the unit be mounted and dismounted from the side. For frequent removal, this choice is not practical.

The alternate choice is one 3" Bottom Bracket. This will allow the unit to be removed using the disconnect notch.

Backer Plates
We guarantee our backer Plates against any defects in material or workmanship for one full year from date to purchase.
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